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Financial Guru Ted Jenkin & John Morgan Sportswear

by Yohann Georgel |

John Morgan recently caught up with Financial Guru Ted Jenkin. 

Ted Jenkin has been an entrepreneur, leader, and social media pioneer in the financial services industry.  He is the founder and CEO of Hyperchat Social and  oXYGen Financial, a financial services company based in Atlanta now serving more than 3,000 clients across the country ( He is the weekend personal finance expert for CNN Headline News and a featured guest writer for the Wall Street Journal  He runs one of the top personal finance blogs in the country at and focuses on helping other financial advisors expand their business through unique social media marketing and targets the X & Y generations in his personal practice.



Recently, I started wearing various pieces from the John Morgan Sportswear collection and it has really exceeded my expectations.  I run several companies consisting of a mix of blue collar and white collar businesses.  I love the JM Polo shirts and Quarter Zips as they help me to look professional in front of the new financial services prospect worth $5,000,000 or a homeowner who needs their driveway replaced from my Concrete and Hardscapes company.

Seeing that I am  a part of so many social media and television appearances, I can rely on John Morgan to keep me comfortable whether I'm conducting an interview on my nationally syndicated podcast called The Shrimp Tank or on occasion when I am doing a television interview for NBC or CBS.   

I wear my John Morgan polos on the golf course, on cross country airplane flights, and for early morning breakfast meetings.  And no matter where my business takes me, JM provides me with the style and performance to get me through my day.  What I love most about the polos and quarter zips are they’re extremely comfortable with super soft fabrics designed to withstand multiple washes. 

My personal favorites are the Austin Quarter Zip in Navy and the Jackson Print Luxe Polo.  If you don’t have a favorite JM shirt yet…its time you find one.

- Ted Jenkin, CEO (oXYGen Financial, Complete Concrete & Hardscapes, Hyperchat Social, & The Shrimp Tank)