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It IS Personal … by Terry Greenwood, Lead Partner / Co-Owner John Morgan Sportswear

by Edie Cameron |

It IS Personal … by Terry Greenwood, Lead Partner / Co-Owner John Morgan Sportswear


Founder, Mountain Khakis, a leading outdoor apparel company. Founder, Sporting Life Holdings, a “community of brands” … A life outside … brings us together. TM



You gotta check out our new Beaufort Slub Polos and Austin Quarter Zips … our “lightest weights evah” … we make great stuff y’all. We may be North Carolina Southern, but we are a nationwide brand and wherever you are that summer temps get up there and/or humidity is a thing … we know a thing or two about that. We gotcha covered.  

Knowing about these great new “lightweights” read below to see beyond that, what the “heavyweight” values of our business are.   

As we say at John Morgan … “Passion, Persistence, Performance … Matters.”  That performance is personal, in polos and in our personal lives. Please let me tell you a little about our friends, the ones who I/we are lucky to have. The ones who help create our “Why” in all of this.

While I recently became involved with John Morgan, I have known my partners for over 15 years. Over those years, outside of John Morgan, we have shared business, a bit of doing good for others, a lot of laughs and a bit of learning together.  A big thing I have learned about them is that in truth It IS Personal.  As makers of fine knits since ‘76, and most likely, makers of the original perfect polo, I know them as people of character and integrity, always looking to do things the right way.

While our best polos and quarter zips are about the next generation of elevated performance apparel, the underlying message of our brand is about encouraging generations of personal performance through passion, persistence, strength of character.  We believe that today, real Purpose is the anchor to brand significance. We make great apparel, but we also intend to make a difference through Commitment to Community. Where we identify support needed, we will be there.

Polos and great sportswear are what we will continue to make. We look to use that platform for purpose.

Purpose in alignment with established folks, our friends, of great character like …

Vince Cellini, nationally recognized broadcaster and Rod Smith, former Notre Dame, Carolina Panthers great and now businessman … using their platforms to mentor and encourage others.

Folks like Thomas Csorba, a young Dallas-Nashville singer-songwriter-musician, proving that passion and persistence are equal to talent in reaching towards peak performance.  To make it takes all three.

Folks like Ben Edmonson, formerly a professional guide, huge outdoorsman, a photo-journalist for national brands like Land Rover. Until a strange parasite encountered in South America rendered him partially paralyzed. His wife Beverly … ever supportive, ever the rock. A beauty in every way. He / they persist. She has been a banking executive. They have always collaborated. Together, they have started a new business. They persist. They are passionate about their future. They are some of my very best friends. I believe in them. I believe he will walk again.

Our WHY then … gained from my partners and our friends like these. We make really, good, sportswear. We hope to make a real difference. Aligning ourselves with others, with programs that inspire, teach, encourage disciplined, team spirit, leadership.

Performance through persistence and passion … it matters. Polos and personally.

It’s our style. It’s the way we live. John Morgan. ********