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by John Morgan Golf Admin •

The Golf Shirt: Well Played Since 1976

Well played since 1976….We’re makers and we’ve seen the golf shirt evolve over the last 40 years. We looked beyond 76’ for inspiration and style as we built the Morgan golf shirt, even though it was a good year for the golf shirt (as seen by Seve in his run at the 1976 Open Championship). It’s a little difficult to pinpoint what year, but golfers at some point retired their button downs shirts, ties, sport coats and knickers to adopt the “polo shirt.’’ It was first designed in the late 19th century but gained popularity after being worn by seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion Rene Lacoste. Lacoste wanted a more comfortable option for his beloved sport.   We have a history of photos that shows Bobby Jones was never a convert. You do see the likes of Hogan and Snead transitioning in the late 40’s to the knit golf shirt.   In the 1950s and 60s, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and then Nicklaus brought those same game-appropriate shirts to the weekend casual wear scene. Not only was the golf shirt a symbol of their favorite activity, but it became a part of a larger golf lifestyle. Then in the 70s, the collars and placket grew along with brighter golf shirt colors and patterns hitting the market. These shirts we’re adding more personality and versatility to our wardrobes and paved the way for the “country club” look in the ’80s. Sportswear grew in popularity and was making its way from the course to the club, but the performance was at the heart of why these great legends were transitioning to the knit golf shirt. These guys were looking for performance in every part of the game. They had no idea, but as they were becoming legends of the game, they were also becoming icons of style. These guys wore cotton for years and it performed. Fast forward to 2019, our industry has redefined performance in the golf shirt offering properties for the ultimate shirt in moisture management, UV protection, and stretch. At John Morgan, we haven’t forgotten the feel of a great cotton shirt, and have labored for years to duplicate the performance of a polyester shirt, but in cotton. We also baked in the style and inspiration of the past 60 years to bring you John Morgan Sportswear.   We know there are many golf polo brands today for you to choose from, and we’re glad you’ve chosen John Morgan for your own everyday wear. We trust you love the feel and trust the performance as much as we do.