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What’s Your Story to Personal Performance? Meet Vince Cellini...

by Edie Cameron |

What’s Your Story to Personal Performance?

A key to my longevity in this broadcasting business is being true to myself.  By that I mean being real, and being authentic with the players.  And, when interviewing or when interacting with the players, they know I am truly interested in them and in helping present their best selves.

It’s also about feeling confident and feeling fit.  I enjoy working out at my gym, up to six days a week. As I heard Clint Eastwood say, "try to sweat every day".  It clears my mind and helps me stay 'lifestyle' fit to remain active at this point in my life.

My passion is media training of young people who want to be in broadcasting, and teaching them valuable tools and tips for their best presentation.  I believe that is my duty after 40 years in the broadcasting business.

John Morgan helps me in my own best presentation.  Fit, style, confidence, performance:  It supports mine.  What I wear is a direct self statement about me.  Style never ages.

The Morgan shirts and pullovers are super versatile.  Road or home, dinner or dayside, and with a fit that supports my style and confidence.

Vince Cellini… thanks for your Story to Personal Performance!
The way you live… your style… in John Morgan Sportswear.


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio (the city, not a suburb)


Married, wife Lisa and sons Vince, Adam and Lou

Day to Day:

I am the host of Golf Channel's weekly series PGA Tour Champions Learning Center.  It is an instructional show featuring PGA Tour Champions (over 50) players showing viewers how to hit key shots, improve their swings and generally play better.  We also spotlight players in feature segments including their charity work and interaction with friends and family.

Tell us something we might not know about you:

I enjoy reading, music, golf, and being outdoors.  I'm fascinated with documentaries... loving to hear a person's story.  I coached football at the middle school and high school level and would enjoy returning to that in some capacity.

Do you have any unique talents?

Well, I am an amateur wedding singer, lol.  I can sketch and draw pretty well, and I love music.  My secret ambition was to be in a band. 

I also do some impersonations and am pretty effective in mimicry.  Family members find it annoying but tolerate my antics.

How would you define your style?

My style is always upscale casual.  I will never head out looking sloppy or disheveled.  My motto is you are never 'overdressed' and when in doubt, I'll wear a sport coat which I believe fits any occasion or gathering.  I believe the entire look should work, and that includes shoes, which are the most overlooked aspect of a man's wardrobe.  Up your shoe game.

What do you look for when buying clothes?

I look for fit and design.  From t-shirts to suits, the article of clothing has to fit me a certain way.  Also quality craftsmanship is important.  Everything a man wears should accent his body lines, and best showcase his frame.  When I shop, I'll 'know-it-when-I-see-it' and try it on.  For dress shirts and ties, I like textured patterns.  I have no boundaries in terms of prints or patterns.

What do you wear on the road?

On the road I wear jeans, great tennis shoes, and a crisp sport shirt or dress shirt.  But, I'm not limited to that.  It just depends on where the road leads me.

What drew you to John Morgan?

I immediately felt that John Morgan shirts were a great body fit, and the material is fantastic.  Light and breezy, but well made with a style that says sophistication, but this guy is still in the fashion game!