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Personal Performance… A Coach’s Perspective. Meet Chad Phillips

by Edie Cameron |

What’s Your Story to Personal Performance?

Every day I am tasked with elevating the performance of individuals looking to improve their skills at one of the most complicated sports in the world.  The game of golf is so much more than knocking a little white ball through the field and into a hole.

It’s a game of skill, patience, precision, mental toughness and determination.  And every day, I work to help people improve all facets of this game.  An important element that is often overlooked on the course is a player’s comfort.  Whether you are an aspiring Junior working to make the high school golf team or newly retired and finally have some time to work on your game, your goal is to improve.  And if you are going to put this effort in, it only makes sense to work at it in style and comfort.

For years, I have struggled to find an apparel brand that elevates my look while also providing the comfort and performance needed to carry me for 18 holes.  John Morgan does just that.  The Morgan Polos and Quarter Zips help guarantee I look good on the course in some of the most Lightweight and Breathable fabrics I have ever worn.  And with their new shorts, I am more than comfortable through the hot Summer months here in the South. 

Most days, I am coaching back to back lessons for 8 to 10 hours. Having the comfort of the most advanced cotton fabrics with the fit and function needed in today’s polo shirts, helps me manage the most rigorous day.

And with the most stylish fit and designs, I am already dressed in a comfortable and elevated style when I leave the course to meet the wife and kids for a Friday dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Chad Phillips…thanks for your story to personal performance!

The way you live…your style…in John Morgan Sportswear.



Royal Oak, Michigan


Wife, Jill / Son, Noah / Daughter, Rebecca

Day to Day:

Golf Instructor/Coach

Biggest Golf Accomplishment:

It would be a combination of small accomplishments, helping 100’s of kids achieve their goal of playing college golf.

What are you most proud of in the golf world:

Golf is a sport for anyone and everyone.  I am fortunate enough to work with all kinds of personalities and individuals all with the same common goal…improve.  It is incredibly rewarding to watch my students improve at a game that can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Lowest Round:



Fitness, nutrition, wine

Tell us something we might not know about you:

I consume close to 100 books per year on audible.

How would you define your style:

I would say that my style is athletic comfort paired with luxury.  There are so many polo shirt options out there today.  Some of the synthetic fabrics out there don’t work for me and certainly make it hard to wear away from the course.  JM gives me what I need on the range but also the comfortable and elevated look I need away from work. 

What do you look for when buying clothes:

Conservative colors, comfort, and a classic look.

What do you wear on the course:

Shorts when possible, a comfortable and breathable polo.

What drew you to John Morgan: Easy answer:

First, it was the style.  Their polos showcase a classic look that works on and off the course.  Second, it was the feel.  It is hard to find a shirt that works year round on the golf course and JM has made one.  It also works for a night out and gives me the confidence I need when meeting with prospects or meeting the guys out for dinner. 

How does John Morgan support your style:

I am pretty laid back, especially away from the course.  I enjoy being able to wear my golf attire when I’m not playing golf.  The JM shirts pair nicely with jeans, tucked in or untucked.